when kim and i were younger, we’d have sleepovers at our houses like most kids, and stay up all night watching movies and giving each other makeovers and talking.  unlike most kids, neither of us liked popcorn.  actually, that makes us unlike most people in general.   seems to be a recurring theme in our lives.  anyway,  instead of eating popcorn during our movie-watching, we started making buttered toast. we figured it was still buttery, salty and carby… same thing.

however- you can make a big bowl of popcorn that will last the entire movie and maybe even beyond that because it takes a long time to eat many many small pieces of foods.  you can also get away with making tons of it in one go without appearing glutinous since popcorn normally comes in a giant hemi-beachball-sized bowl anyway.  the traditional serving of 1 or 2 pieces of toast, on the other hand, only lasts a couple minutes per piece, which is barely enough to get through the previews of a movie, let alone a marathon of 3-4 movies.

so, brilliant children that we were, we fixed the problem by toasting and buttering entire loaves of bread in one go- the stacks were so high that it took two plates to hold it all, and even then they were fairly precarious towers.  it still only took about 15 minutes for us to get all that toast, but by then we were either full or there was no bread left in the house.

eventually, we starting making giant stacks of buttered toast whenever it was time for a snack, not just during movies.  it was during one of these epic toast massacres that we started talking about all the ridiculous events that happened to us over the years.  chinese school parties. pool monsters vs. jerks vs mini pool monsters.  spy games.  and it occurred to us that at some point in our lives, we ought to write a book of all these stories.  we figured that at the very least it would be funny to just us, but chances are others might get a kick out of our silliness as well.  we sat around awhile reminiscing and listing the different things we’d include in our book, and at some point realized we’d need a good title.  by now there were only crumbs left of our giant stacks of toast, but looking at them, we decided that ‘over toast’ would be a pretty spectacular name for our book.  or if not spectacular, then at least a characteristic kim-and-janice inside joke.

so that’s the backstory for this online diary, in which i’ll record the random, ridiculous things that happen to me from now on.  i’ll also put in fun stories from back in the day.  and bits and pieces of whatever else that amuse or intrigue me.   and maybe we’ll turn it into a book one day… who knows!  =D  yaaay overtoast, go!