– I ❤ obgyn.  I like family as well, but I get actively excited about obgyn stuff.  I really like the medicine behind it. I really like prenatal care and contraceptive counseling. 
– The uterus is my most favorite organ (when it’s not killing me with vessel explosions and prostaglandin leakage…); it has antlers, it’s really forgiving when you sew it up, and it makes a smile when you do a c-section.  =D
– I like that obgyn is super focused and as its own specialty I could get really good at it.  It’s the expert vs. jack of all trades, master of none issue.  It would be pretty sweet to be an expert at something for once.  (Other things I would claim expert creditials on, or at least high competency… consuming mass quantities of sweets, turning any situation into a running musical… not as impressive.  Or useful.)
– Chocolate cysts.
– Just as a sign of how much I like OBGYN, I get really excited every time we get consulted on an OBGYN patient.
– I would get to wear scrubs.  Also, OBGYN is the only service where you can wear scrubs and a sweatshirt/jacket… much better than white coats.
– It’s fun to see what people name their kids when you’re signing birth certificates.  L—sha.  Nevaeh and Heaven.  Johnathan Samuel Thomas Kingston the Third, Junior.
– I’d have happy patients.  OBGYN is one of those rare services where your patients are glad to be there and are excited about their outcomes. 

– Hours will be terrible.  I know people say you can work however many hours you want in almost any specialty, but I think with med school debt and malpractice insurance and just putting in enough time to get proficient at the procedures, I can expect to be super busy.  Pooh on anyone who says doctors have it all made coming out of school, or even a few years out of med school… try sitting on 200,000 dollars of debt + however much a year malpractice insurance fees, and then tell me how unnecessarily excessive a doctor’s pay is.  (I’m not usually one to get caught up with the money angle… but I’m recently starting to realize how much of a hole we’ve dug with our med school debt.  Yay!  :P)
– While I think I might like OBGYN more than anything I’d do during my work day, I don’t think the amount I like medicine and working trump my life outside of work.  Of course, my life outside of medicine is pretty hassle free and full of friends and food and fun times… maybe I’d feel differently when I’m old.   Doubtful, but who knows.   I definitely want to be able to have a life outside of the hospital.  If I did OBGYN, I think I could love my life as a doctor more than if I did something else, but I might hate my life outside of the hospital more because of it.
– They haven’t yet figured out a way to rig deliveries to occur only betwen 8-5.
– I would never see any other patients besides child bearing women.  I wouldn’t be trained to manage a lot of really common medical issues.  I’d be the doctor that ducks her head down and tries to look inconspicuous when the flight attendant announces “Is there a doctor on the plane? We need some assistance with a gentleman up here in first class.”  Unless he happened to have a pregnant wife who’s water just broke.
– There would be so much estrogen everywhere.  Imagine living in an all girl’s dorm.  For the rest of your life.


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