i was coming home today from clinic and was super grumpy because the doctor took an hour to  see the last patient.  45/60 minutes of that hour were spent talking to the mom about soccer tournaments.  yay for building patient relationships, but it was 6, and i was hungry.  so i was driving home and like waaaah this sucks forever i am so hungry i think i will die- and then had a brilliant idea.. arby’s!!  cheddar roast beef!  and most importantly, CURLY FRIES!!!  i hadn’t had arby’s in at least 8 years.  i just remember that me, my dad and my sister used to go all the time to the same arby’s down in kenwood (little did my mom know how we ate when we were in grade school…..), and there was the nice waitress lady who said ‘hon’ after every sentence, and the CURLY FRIES.   yea!  so- armed with the happy nostalgic memories of spectacular fast food, i zoom off and away to arby’s!  who cares that it’s mostly deserted- the sort of fast food place that is nearly always empty except for the old couple in the corner, that’s run by only 2 people at any given time.  i zipped through the drive through and ordered my arby’s- two cheddar roast beef sandwiches and a large curly fries (i should’ve switched the two, but i was too excited to be thinking clearly at the time.)  i sped home as fast as i could, all the while singing happy arby’s songs…  “i’m going to eat an arby’s… i’m going to eat an arby’s… i’m going to eat an arbyyyyy’s….what an awesome day!” or ” o curly fries, o curly fries, iiii heart you so much!  you always taaaste so very good… if i could eaaaat you now i would… ” etc etc.  you know the drill.  anyway!  i pulled into my driveway, and throw all my stuff into my bag and sling it over my shoulder, and wrench the door open….

wait for it…


i ate it all anyway.  and then had a giant stomachache afterwards.

but curly fries, even post-floor contamination, are totally worth it.