so after my cheerios, we begin the nap study of the test.  this is where they have me stay awake for 2 hours at a time, and then take a 20 minute nap in between.  during this time they monitor my brain wave- i think specifically looking to see if i go into REM sleep super speedily, which would indicate narcolepsy.  i’m supposed to do this for a total of 5 times, 4 if the first few tries are REM-cycled up the wazoo and i’m clearly narcoleptic (this did not happen).   while i’m at hope, i can fall asleep in 3 minutes tops, multiple times in a row.  so i figured, ok- nap study, no problem.  i can do this.  (like it’s a game or a competition or something…heh.)  but i think i was either nervous or way too conscious of actually trying to sleep, or just super aware of the fact that there are people intently watching my brain waves, and that the bubble in the ceiling is probably a big fat camera that they’re watching me with, and all the watching just put me on edge so while i did drift in and out of sleep a couple times, i don’t think i ever actually fell asleep.  now, it’s not that i want the tests to show some sort of abnormality or something, but in the event that there is actually something wrong i want to have all the tests to back it up so i can fix this business and get my meds question-free.

anyway, (2 hours + 20 minutes) x 5 + tornado warning that kept me in the hospital til the tornado went away + half an hour to make my usual 5 wrong turns on the way home from that hospital = i was there alllll day.  yay!   and when i got back i tried to eat my leftover pizza and immediately spilled all the garlic dipping sauce all over the coffee table.    double yay!  that was an unnecessary detail, but i really like the garlic dipping sauce and it was a sadface moment.    anyway, back to normal, electrode and acetone and monitor-free sleep.  i suppose i’ll get the results back in a couple weeks during my follow up appt.   what’ll it be…. raving narcoleptic (the phrase doesn’t really reflect actual narcolepsy but sounds exciting right?) or does my brain naturally have sloth-like tendencies?  sloth-brain.  thaaat’s nice.  😛