i woke up- and had just dreamed that megan was gleefully eating french fries out of a giant bag, except the frenchfries were made entirely of bacon strips.

and then i realized i couldn’t go back to sleep, because i hurt all over, because schmeena and i did the insanity work out yesterday (insane!!).  is the kind of work out video that you do with the doors locked and all the blinds closed, because somehow it’s impossible to become heart healthy from an exercise video without giving up quite a bit of pride as well.  i heard reena moving around outside my room so i went out and was like, ‘dude… i can’t….. move.’  and she was like ‘me…. neither.’  and she proceeded to hobble down the stairs and i hobbled back to bed.   roomies united!  proud and strong!

and THEN i got a call from katherine.  “i just woke up… because there was a bee in my blanket and it stung me.  what do i do.”

i guess it’s time to start the day.   s’long, comfy bed.