there was a sign on the way to the hospital that read “The Barber of Seville.”  later that morning i would learn that there was once a resident who’s name was Todd Sweeney.  co-inkidink?  O.o   it was tough not to crack a demon barber joke during the interview introduction.  and i hope todd sweeney gets his hair cut by the barber of seville.

cupcake gelato coffee place on the 16th street mall.  and also a pub called the tilted kilt.

i walked =down= 11 flights of stairs and was breathless like i sprinted 4 blocks.  altitude, or just out of shape?

mountains + snow + acceptable amount of sunlight.

there was a piano outside on the 16th street mall, and it was raining and cold and i thought it’d be super cool to play something in the middle of the street on my way back, but by the time i got there someone had put a cover over the piano.  probably good for the piano but sad for potential golden moment.  worth it to run out at 3:00am before the shuttle comes to get me?  eh, denver is a healthy city, its citizens probably believe in things like sleeping a full 8 hours and would probably kick me for messing up their rem cycles.

6:15am flight = 3:30am departure from hotel.   faaaanfreakintastic.