there is one bathroom here to be shared by both guys and girls, and in it there is one toilet and one urinal, and while the toilet is in an enclosed thing with a door, this is definitely a one person facility.

why then, unknown male, would you use the toilet if you only had to pee when there is a perfectly good urinal specifically for your use!  it’s not as if girls also use the urinal, thereby making it an even trade.  and then, if for some reason you have a phobia of urinals, why would you leave the evidence of not only an upright toilet seat but also a toilet bowl rim sprinkled with yellow fluid for yours truly to find?  yellow fluid which i HOPE is only lemonade, but i know better than to be that optimistic in a hospital.

poo on you!

to all other boys: if you’ve going to leave the toilet seat up, at least leave a clean one, because marking it with your urine does not make it your property and people tend to become unhappy when you make number one on their stuff.