No posts for 3 years after my ‘let’s try this again’ post.  Ah well.

Random updates of the last few months:

I started an app called Plant Nanny.  It’s essentially a phone plant, and every time you drink water you also water your plant.  Theoretically this is to encourage you to drink more fluids because it reminds you to water your plant, and therefore yourself.  Results so far:
– have not increased fluid intake.
– have killed off two plants I’ve tried to nanny.
– have realized that my real life plants suffer much the same as my electronic plants do.
– have realized that electronic plant is a weeny.  My real life plants have survived much longer periods of drought than this.


Adventures in House Buying!  I’ve recently purchased a house!  Huzzah!
There is a section in Tina Fey’s Bossypants about identifying when you’ve crossed that bridge from girlhood to womanhood.  I can’t really recall that moment for myself. But, I do feel like there is a similar bridge for crossing over from baby adult to full grown adult.  Back in the day, people tended to go from being a child/taken care of by parents straight to getting married/having a job/running a household/having actual responsibilities.  It was a pretty sharp transition from childhood to adulthood.  But now a lot of people are afforded the opportunity to do lots of random things between those steps.  Going to school for years and years.  Traveling for funsies.  Doing jobs for the experience and not for long term stability.  Dating for fun and not for the mad dash to marriage and kids.  The transition to adulthood is much more nebulous.  There are a lot of ways to put off that first ‘making it on your own’ experience that I think identifies an adult.

My point with all of this is that despite medical school and residency and other things, I think this house buying experience is what makes me feel like I’ve crossed into the world of actual adulting.  Medical school is still school.  Residency felt like school with pay and higher stakes.  You’ve got people who manage your rotation schedule, give you grades, and hold your hand if you fail to make sure you get through it.  And since a lot of what I do now is similar to what I did in residency, that transition to being a full doctor never quite felt different enough to be that ‘make it on your own’ moment for me.  But house buying!  I decided to go for it, did my research, went a-hunting, and then got it.  Obviously I did have help from my parents and boyfriend and friends- it’d be silly to jump in without any sort of consultation – but it felt like my own thing.  And now I have a house!  And I had to learn all about homeowners insurance and mortgages and interest rates and all these grown-up terms!  (this is what years of school has done to me… it stunted any sort of actual life learning to fill my brain with medicine, so the rest of me is only now catching up).  I’m sure that there are lots of experiences I’ve had that other people may feel should identify me as an adult- but for whatever reason this particular experience is the one.

Adulting super hard FTW!!
(and I’m sure that last statement just negated any claim I have to true adulthood. Ah well. Better luck next time.)


This is what I’ve learned from being a homeowner for about 2 weeks:
– Use a soapy finger to smooth caulk.
– If you mess up caulking a plastic splash guard and now you want to start over but there’s dried caulk all over the guard, in a pinch scrubbing with olive oil will clean it up mostly.  There’s probably a group of handymen that just facepalmed in unison…buuuut that’s what I did.
– Now more than ever, FREE STUFF IS THE BEST!  Real house stuff is freakin’ expensive!  Why is a couch thousands of dollars?!  Why is a rug hundreds of dollars?!  Don’t even get me started on sheets.  Sheets!  A bajillion thanks to my parents for hoarding stuff for years so I can furnish my place relatively painlessly.  Oof.
– A 5’5″ girl does not need a king sized bed.  It look ridiculous.  I like to sleep near the edge of the bed, and I look like I’m in the time out corner.
–   If a room looks sad and yellow like an old elementary school’s crumbling gymnasium, switch to a daylight bulb. It will look cheery and bright and not be reminiscent of any gymnasiums!


And now a doctor rant.
There are a lot of reasons why we doctors get annoyed at patients- sometimes it’s warranted, sometime’s it’s a misunderstanding, a lot of times it’s just two groups of people not being on the same page with the same goals.  I get it- everyone should whine a little less.
But WTF  is it with patients being ON THEIR PHONES while I’m actively trying to speak to them!  And I don’t mean like calling a parent or spouse or whoever to get information for the appointment, or they happened to be on the phone when I walk in and it takes a second for them to get off the phone.  Those situations aren’t ideal, but it happens.

But I walk into this room and this guy is playing BEJEWELED for the first 10 minutes of me asking about his symptoms. Finally I made him look at me and was like ‘are you seriously playing a game while I’m talking to you?’  Only then did he put the phone away.  What the crapballs is that about.  Or this girl who was on the phone with a friend just chatting while and only half listening while I was going over the test we’re going to do.  This is not an issue of people not understanding how vaccines or antibiotics work.  This is not an issue of people wanting to feel better immediately vs waiting through the natural course of an illness.  This is about basic manners and people being rude assfaces.   And no more!  Press Ganey be damned!  The next time some patient pulls this crap, I’m going to start playing 2048 until I get to 2048.  Even Emily Post would back me up on this.  Gah.

And that’s all I’ve got- back in 3 years!